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  • Description
    In Nessos, you must embody Greek heroes who imprison mythological creatures into sacred amphoras in order to offer them to the gods. If you capture enough, you will reach the rank of gods' Chosen One! But beware, for Charon the Terrible will roam and try to send you on a one-way trip to Hell! During the game, the players must bluff in order to win the amphora cards that represent the most interesting creatures. When your turn comes, offer an amphora card to another player. They can accept it or refuse it by offering it to another player. Collect amphora cards in order to be the first to reach the number of points required. But be careful, if you get three Charon cards, you lose the round.
  • Details
    Ages: 8+
    Artist: Miguel Coimbra
    BGID: 256838
    Players: 3-6
    PrimaryName: Nessos
    Product Title: Nessos
    Publisher: IELLO
    Time: 20 Min
    Year: 2018