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Marvel Crisis Protocol: NYC Terrain Expa

Marvel Crisis Protocol: NYC Terrain Expa

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  • Description
    Expand your Marvel: Crisis Protocol battlefield with the NYC Terrain Pack. This pack includes a host of highly detailed miniature terrain so that you can create the perfect urban landscape for your superpowered showdowns right in the heart of downtown.
    - The NYC Terrain Pack is the ideal way to expand upon the terrain from the Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set
    - Presents a good mix of different sized terrain allowing players to create fun and exciting battlefields easily
    - Includes a brand new Daily Grind building that adds even more life to players terrain collections
    Contains: 1 Daily Bugle Stand 1 Daily Grind Stand 2 Cars (with optional Taxi topper) 2 Dumpsters 2 Lampposts 2 Traffic Lights
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