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GGS3 - Grex Custom Airbrush Grip Kit

GGS3 - Grex Custom Airbrush Grip Kit

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  • Description

    For those that own a Grex Tritium or Genesis.XT airbrush, the GGS3 Custom Airbrush Grip kit lets you personalize the pistol grip to your inidivdual hand. By shaping the molding clay around the basic grip and baking it, a more precise and comfortable grip can be obtained. (Airbrush sold separately)



    - Custom mold a the pistol grip to perfectly fit your hand.

    - Superior comfort and minimal hand fatigue.

    - Includes a plastic grip and 4 oz. of premium oven-hardening modelling clay.

    - Also includes detailed step by step printed instructions.

    - Deatiled instruction video available via the link below.

  • Details
    Manufacturer: Grex Airbrush Supplies
    Type: Grip